Paddy Saul is an established singer/songwriter from Drumconrath, County Meath, Ireland, living in Boston since 1995. Paddy can be seen throughout Boston, the Northeast and Ireland, playing solo shows or with his full band. He has kept close ties with his Irish roots sharing the stage with Liam O'Maonlai (Hothouse Flowers), Bell X1, Juliet Turner, Mundy, Steve Wall (front man with The Stunning and The Walls), Rubyhorse, Don Baker, Mark Geary, Jack L and Idaho's Josh Ritter. His debut album 'One Town Tasted' was released in April 2007.

The album was recorded at Zippah Studios in Brookline MA.  It was produced by Brian Charles, Pete Weiss and Paddy.  The album was recorded over a six-month period as the dollars showed up to do so. Paddy rounded up some of Boston's finest musicians who are also close friends.

Here's a list of the performers on the album,
Paddy (lead vocals, acoustic, electric),
Jeff Berlin (drums),
Steve Scully (drums),
Jeremy Dryden (bass),
Steve Mayone (bass, electric, vocals),
Jim Hagerty (bass),
Pete Weiss (electric, keys, piano, vocals),
Brian Charles (electric, piano, vocals),
Peter Linnane (piano, squeeze box),
Joe Kessler (fiddle),
Dan Baker (banjo),
Jude Heichelbech (vocals).

It has a real organic and timeless feel to it.  It garnered plenty of press and airplay attention, locally in Boston, the Northeast and in Ireland. After a string of successful shows over the Summer and Fall, including a breakthrough tour of his homeland Ireland, Paddy began work on the songs for his follow up. Paddy will be releasing his new record, 'The Way The Blood Flows' in 2012. He will release a couple of singles, with video, from it early in the year, as a lead up to the full length release.


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